LCS serves students from over 15 school districts throughout the Capital Region. Bussing is provided by several different districts within a 15 mile radius to the LCS campus. Transportation requests are submitted to the district of residence.

Students living outside of bussing are driven to school.

Drop Off

Parents who are driving students are asked to follow the coned sections of the parking lot to the drop off point where students can be let out.

LCS provides early drop off at 7:30 am. Early drop off is monitored by faculty and staff.

Pick Up

LCS dismissal begins at 2:48 pm when all students (7th to 12th) who are riding the bus exit immediately to their busses. Students K to 6th are then dismissed to busses.

Parents who are picking students up at the end of the day are asked to park and come into the building where they can sign students out.

LCS offers extended care (PK to 6th) and after school study hall (7th to 12th) for families until 5:30 pm.