Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week


Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up on May 8th through May 12th, and we are excited to have this time to honor our dedicated faculty and staff! This special week of blessing is a great way to support LCS, and we would not be able to provide these things without the help and assistance of our faithful parents.

Below is a list of the special things that have been planned as well as details about ways to support and assist with this week! We need your help! For a full overview of ways to help, check out the Teacher Appreciation Sign Up.


Monday 5/8 - Prayer Cards (supplied by PTF) & Candy
Some of our parents have already coordinated special prayer cards to be given to our faculty and staff this day. Plus, we are seeking for some parents to donate candy that can be available to our faculty and staff in the Teacher’s Room that day. If you are able to donate candy, please find the appropriate slot within the Teacher Appreciation Sign Up.

Tuesday 5/9 - Bring a Flower for Your Teacher(s)
Students can bring a flower or two for their teacher(s) and all the different flowers make up a beautiful bouquet. Please make sure there are NO LILACS as we have a staff member who is highly allergic!

Wednesday 5/10 - Lunch for Faculty and Staff (supplied by PTF)
Lunch will be provided for our 65 faculty and staff members. If you are able to assist with lunch service & coverage, please find the appropriate slot within the Teacher Appreciation Sign Up.

Thursday 5/11 - Lysol Wipes with Special Message (supplied by PTF)
Every faculty and staff member will receive a container of disinfecting wipes delivered with a cute sticker & message.

Friday 5/12 - Parent Supplied Breakfast
This day we ask parents to bring different breakfast items to share with our faculty & staff. PLEASE NOTE, breakfast items should be dropped off on Thursday, 5/11. For a full list of items needed and helping this day, visit the Teacher Appreciation Sign Up.

Thank you for your support in making this a special week!