Karen Refugee Christmas Blessing

Loudonville Christian School is pleased to share about a special opportunity in which our whole school can participate. Please see below for information from our Kindergarten teacher, Lynne Smith, who also serves as the coordinator for this ministry.

For more than 10 years, the LCS Community has given generously to support the Karen Refugee Community in Albany to provide Christmas gifts to the children.  This is a community of Christians who came to the United States legally from Thailand refugee camps. These individuals work hard to provide food and housing for their families, leaving very little extra money to provide new toys or clothes for their children.  We have shown the love of Jesus at Christmas time for these families in the past and hope to continue this year! 

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it necessary to adjust how we support these amazing neighbors.  Despite this, we still want to help and minister to these families in a way that ensures safety for their community and ours.

Rather than sending in specific gifts for others to wrap (as we have done in years past), we would like to collect Walmart gift cards for each of the 300 children in this community.  Our goal is to provide a gift card for each child. A small committee of people who work closely with the Karen families will assist with the distribution of the gift cards, so the families can use the cards to purchase new toys and gifts for each of their children for Christmas. 

There are three (3) ways to share a Christmas gift with the Karen community:

  1. Pick up a Walmart Gift card and send it to LCS with your child in an envelope labeled, “Karen Christmas Blessing.” 
  2. Donate using the Paypal link to the right.  The school will use all of your donation to buy gift cards.
  3. Send a check to LCS designating it for the “Karen Christmas Blessing,” and this $ will all be turned into gift cards for the children.

I will track the amount of cards that come in and communicate this to all of you often so you can keep our goal in prayer! If you have any questions, please contact me at lsmith@lcs.org.

Thank you for your generosity!
Mrs. Lynne Smith