Lower School

Distinctive and Enriched

Young minds and spirits blossom at Loudonville Christian School where we are dedicated to reaching the whole child through spiritual growth, academics, and social development.  K-5 grade students are taught across a variety of academic subjects including reading, writing, math, Bible, science, and social studies, as well as technology, physical education, music, art, and Spanish.  Our holistic approach ensures that all students grow physically, academically, spiritually, and socially as they prepare for their next phase of education in middle school.

Every day LCS teachers are diligent about integrating faith and God’s truth into the lives of our students. From prayer and devotions to applying principles of the Bible into their lessons and weaving them into the curriculum, children are enriched and strengthened.


Kindergarten students learn through hands on activities all day long. Each child is provided with individualized programming to meet his or her personal development in the English Language Arts.

Centered learning and large group instruction combine to equip and sharpen skills across subject areas. Our Kindergarten program focuses on the whole child, ensuring academic, social, and emotional development of each child.

Kindergarten is able to learn beyond the classroom with field trips to Indian Ladder and New York State Museum.

To conclude the school year, each kindergartener showcases his or her talent at the annual Kindergarten Talent Show and moving up celebration!

First Grade

First Grade is all about firsts—first desks, first journals, and more. The first grade class spends a lot of time reading, building a strong foundation for all subjects.

Centered learning and “Morning Meeting” encompass growth and enrichment for each child.

Outside of the classroom, children learn about science and nature visiting local farms and Howe Caverns. Children are exposed to creative expression with an annual trip to see the Nutcracker as well as their own Easter performance.

Second Grade

The hearts of our children are a big focus in second grade both in the classroom and beyond its walls. Daily, children experience that learning can be fun through activities such as spelling with shaving cream or playing a game of battleship to reinforce math skills.

Each year, students bring the history of the United States alive by retelling a piece of history through the eyes of a famous person.

Beyond the class, students participate in monthly missions as they minister to a neighborhood adult home. This sharing helps young hearts understand how to be the hands and feet of the Lord!

Third Grade

At LCS, our third graders are developing independence as students.

The third grade focus on Native American history allows students to visit local museums and interact with first hand artifacts. Students also research their own ancestry and present findings to their peers.

Third graders “buddy up” with the kindergarten class weekly to partner read. This mentorship program reinforces skills they are learning in the classroom and builds meaningful relationships.

Fourth Grade

Fourth graders at LCS have the unique opportunity to experience first hand information about New York State. As a major focus in the SS curriculum, students explore a new piece of NYS history each month.

Through interactive notebooks and hands on experiments, the sciences of natural world are enriched.

Students are given plenty of opportunity to learn responsibility, organization, and independence in 4th grade—all while having fun!

Elementary Band is offered to fourth & fifth grade students.

Fifth Grade

Experiments and research are paramount in fifth grade. Students learn research skills for their first large scope State Project where they incorporate library skills and the writing process together with creativity and the use of technology.

Weekly coffee chats help students build relationships and a firm foundation of the Bible. Monthly missions to the Capital City Rescue Mission help students engage beyond the classroom and share the gospel message through service.

Elementary Band is offered to fourth & fifth grade students.