College & Career Planning

Upon graduating from Loudonville Christian School, each student will likely pursue a job, join the military, or attend college.  Throughout their high school years, students will meet with the Student Services Advisor.  These meetings are designed to help students better understand their personality, abilities, and desires as well as provide consistent spiritual formation.  Students gain a more accurate perspective of themselves, and are equipped with greater wisdom and discernment of God's direction for their lives.

In the spring of their junior year, students, joined by their parents, will have the option to meet with the Student Services Advisor.  This Junior Meet provides students and families the opportunity to examine the post-high school process and is specifically designed to unpack, step-by-step, the how-to’s of narrowing down a choice for college or university.  This conversation will include topics such as: degree programs, financial aid, SAT/ACT, course selections for senior year, transfer credits, what to do over the summer months, and more.   

In mid-August and early in their senior year, students who are pursuing further education at a college or university are encouraged to begin the application process.  As they begin applying, schools will request specific documents from LCS.  It is important that students follow appropriate procedures for processing these documents.

How to Request Information be sent from LCS to a College

  1. In mid-August, the Self-Perspective Form will be sent out and the student can complete it.
  2. Also in mid-August, the Parent-Perspective Form will be sent out for the parents to complete.
  3. When filling out the college applications, list Mrs. Kristen Zaloom as your Guidance Counselor.(
  4. In the early fall, we will begin using Naviance, a comprehensive college and career readiness program that allows us to align student strengths and interests to postsecondary goals.  Naviance will be the primary tool that students use to request transcripts, school reports, and recommendations.  Students will not be able to request documents through an email.  LCS will submit all documents through Naviance.  Students will be trained to use this during their Senior Seminar Course.
  5. The Junior Meet Resource Guide is always available for locating details regarding the college search process at LCS.


Students are encouraged to begin taking their SAT/ACT tests during their junior year. Typically, colleges require an SAT or ACT, therefore it is not required to take both. Students should be aware that the ACT focuses more on mathematics and science, while the SAT focus on mathematics, reading & writing.

Students should visit the SAT and ACT websites. After creating an account, they will be able to sign up for tests and send scores to colleges they are interested in.

If a college requires test scores to be sent to them, it is the responsibility of the student to send them. LCS does not send test scores to colleges.

Helpful Resources

Many colleges use what is called the “common app.” Essentially students fill out one application and are able to send it to multiple colleges. Check your college’s website to find out if that colleges uses the common app.

If families are planning on applying for federal student aid, they should fill out a FAFSA (Federal Student Aid). They can begin their FAFSA application after October 1st of their child’s senior year.

Students who desire to play sports in college should register with the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association).

The Junior Meet Reference Guide contains a variety of information to help make the college search efficient and effective.

Peterson's comprehensive online college search guide helps students discover their best fit educational program.