High School

Program Overview

The High School program at LCS offers a robust education for all students in grades 9-12, preparing them for their future while giving them the chance to thrive in the context of community.


Our teachers pour into students daily, building relationships, providing rigorous participation with content, using pedagogical strategies that create a learning environment where students of all different learning styles can succeed.  Teachers speak into the lives of students as they remind them of their identities, challenging them to go against the tide of the culture that surrounds them and causes them to question their worth and design.  This is truly a holistic approach, which is why we commit to our tagline:  Expect Excellence, Experience Christ.

Dual Enrollment

LCS has Dual Enrollment agreements with SUNY Albany (albany.edu) and Roberts Wesleyan University (roberts.edu).  Dual Enrollment refers to programs where students can be enrolled in two separate, academically related institutions with the goal of gaining college credit.  At LCS, classes taught for college credit are conducted on campus and instructed by our qualified faculty.  Students who participate in University in the Classroom can earn between 24 and 41 credits towards college.

For course offering and additional information, click here: College Credits in High School


Students in grades 10-12 who have been enrolled at Loudonville Christian School for at least one semester and who have earned a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5, will be invited to apply for admission into the Ambassador Chapter of the National Honor Society.  Students who qualify academically will be asked to complete an activity form which will then be presented to a faculty council.  This cohort of faculty members will determine admission based upon the NHS pillars of Scholarship, Character, Leadership, and Service.  The students will be encouraged to demonstrate involvement, leadership, and service in a variety of school activities, in addition to their community involvement.

Students who are members of NHS and fail to maintain standards set by the society (including their grades and level of activity and commitment) may be dismissed from the National Honor Society.

Service Internship

At Loudonville Christian School the heart of every member of the leadership team, faculty, and staff is to serve others. Whether it is within our families, churches, or communities Jesus calls us to humbly serve others. Sacrificial service reflects Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and reflects good character in the heart of the individual.

LCS students are now able to serve the community of the Capital Region through the Service Internship, a graduation requirement for those in 9th-12th grades.  Between the beginning of 9th grade and the close of 12th grade, students will need to serve two internships totalling 40 hours each.  We provide a list of vetted organizations outside of school and opportunities within the school to support a student’s search for volunteer work.  We also have conversations with the students to help them be creative and thoughtful about the possible settings where they can provide relief and support.  Within those 2 sets of 40 hours, students can serve in multiple settings and capacities.

Loudonville Christian School has equipped me with the tools necessary to succeed in life. As a student in college, I feel well prepared for the next level and beyond.

- LCS Alumna