Summer Reading & Supply Lists

2024-2025 School Year

Grades 1-5

Students are not required to complete any formal book reports but rather encouraged to read 15 minutes per day, 4 days per week (at a minimum - more is always good!).  Click here for a reading calendar to keep track of your progress.  

Here are other additional resources for keeping ahead of the "summer slide" while you are having fun this summer:

  • Visit your local public library!  Public libraries are a treasure trove of activities, programs and books to keep you busy this summer! You may also refer to as an excellent resource for book lists appropriate for your young reader.
  • Work with your child(ren) to review grade level math resources, especially to practice math facts for fluency. There are several free resources available online including and, or paid programs and apps such as Reflex Math or Operation Code Squad. Reviewing math facts and concepts for even ten minutes each day will keep your child’s mind tuned and ready for the next school year.

Grades 6-12

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8

Grade 9

Grade 10

Grade 11

Grade 12

Suggested Summer Reading Lists Grades 6-12

For easy ordering, find supplies through the school tool box website! 

AP Course Summer Assignments

All summer assignments for AP Courses at LCS are available in each AP Google Classroom.  To access the Classrooms, students will need get the corresponding codes from their teachers and login with their LCS email accounts.

Course Teacher Email
AP English Literature Deborah Torres
AP Computer Science Mandy Cornick
AP Biology Jen Winne
AP Environmental Science Jen Winne
AP Physics Ryan Landry
AP Calculus Susan Grigor
AP Statistics Susan Grigor
AP Precalculus Jen Winne